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New Taproot Song

Hi, this is your slacker community maintainer, starchyle here stopping in to say hello.
And WELCOME to our 'new' members. lol
Let me take a moment to apologize profusely. I'm a senior in college & have had no time to keep up with this. If someone would like all kinds of access to be partial maintainer, leave a comment or go to my journal & yell at me there. &really, tis okay to yell at me when I slack. (/rant)
Okay, moving on to business...
I'm sure all you good little fans out there have heard that Taproot's new album Blue Sky Research is set to be released August 16th. The new song Facepeeler is out on the web & rocks my socks. If you haven't heard it or have heard it & want it, comment! Your wish is my command. [Well, besides dating/marrying (insert band member's name here).]
I am working on some new photos to spruce up the community as well, so you'll have something nice to drool over in the near future!
For those of you who have heard Facepeeler, has anyone figured out the lyrics yet? Apparently there has been discussion on TR's message board of quite sometime debating what the lyrics are. Feel free to post your version here if you want!
Your slacker maintainter
~ starchyle
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